Titan Ambassador Application
Ambassador Benefits Up to 10% Commission on all referred sales. Paid via PayPal or Store Credit Network with one of the Fastest growing Families in the Fitness industry. Help us end the stigma by promoting mental health awareness within the Fitness community Ambassador exclusive giveaways, shoutouts, and rewards that you can earn just by being active. Receive a lifetime discount on all Titan gear For yourself and a custom 15% Code to share with Friends and Family. Scroll down to apply.

Program Application

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Am I required to purchase or pay any fees?

Nope! We don't require you to purchase anything at all! You can join for free and take advantage of the listed benefits - we also have ways to earn free gear throughout your Titan Journey.

What do I get by joining?

To sum up the above listed details: You'll receive access to exclusive ambassador giveaways for free Titan gear, access to challenges to earn rewards, earn commission on the sales you generate, and you'll be a part of the #TitanStrong movement and work extremely close with the Titan Family!

What is Titan's Mission?

Our goal is to promote strong mental health throughout the fitness industry! We do this by supporting each other, our supports and the people around us - and by raising awareness on techniques to strengthen your mind and get you through tough situations (aside from donating to charity!)

If I buy something, can I get a free gift?

YES! That's a perk of being a new Titan Ambassador: Free gift on your first discounted, qualifying purchase!

What happens after I apply?

Once we review and accept your application, lookout for an email by Titan Sponsors for the final steps and details! This email will contain the link to your ambassador portal, our facebook group AND your lifetime discount code.

Is this rEaL LiFe? (Is this legit?)

YUP! Just ask our thousands of active ambassadors! Checkout the hashtag #TITANSTRONG on instagram and see the support for yourself!

Can I promote other brands while being a Titan Ambassador?

YES, we understand and accept that people just have a strong love for Titan AND other brands - so it's totally fine with us (there are exceptions)

Can I customize my discount code?

YUHH! (Trying to get creative with my "yes's") We highly recommend for you to customize your code to something that's easy to remember, short and sweet. You can do this in your ambassador dashboard!

I Got accepted, but my dashboard is awaiting approval, what do I do?

We review dashboard accounts once a day, so give it a few hours and you should be granted access! You'll receive an email as soon as it becomes available.

How do I qualify?

We don't have a set follower count requirement - we just look for people who are driven to sharing their fitness journeys with the same goal to inspire and motivate others around the world! We also encourage the Titan Fam to promote Mental Health Awareness, so you definitely would need to support that.

Do Ambassadors get free gear?

We currently aren't able to give free gear to everyone, BUT... you can earn free gear by entering the giveaways I mentioned earlier or by completing challenges! You also receive one free item with your first qualified purchase as a new Titan.

How do I join?

You can join by hitting the "APPLY HERE" button linked below this here Q and A! It's a super short application, and shouldn't take you longer than just a few moments.